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Interrogations of UAE 94: Mohamed al-Mansoori & Mohamed al-Roken

HomePublicationInterrogations of UAE 94: Mohamed al-Mansoori & Mohamed al-RokenInterrogations of UAE 94: Mohamed al-Mansoori & Mohamed al-Roken

Interrogations of UAE 94: Mohamed al-Mansoori & Mohamed al-Roken



Mohamed al-Mansoori Interrogation

(Pages 76 – 79)


And when asking the second accused, Muhammad Ali Saleh Al Mansouri in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, he denied what was attributed to him, saying that he is the chairman of  the board for the Reform Call, member of the general assembly and an official on two committees of liaisons and justice and dignity. He also was in charge with remunerating the monthly subscriptions, ranging between AED 10,000.00 and 20,000.00 of Ras al-Khaimah, and the last one to receive these funds from him was Ali Humaid Al Naeimi to help carry out the organization’s affairs.


He admitted that he was the supervisor of the website of EMASC in Britain. That was the informational means of the Reform Call organization. He also mentioned the organizational structure of the organization, the names of its members and tasks of each. And he took part in episodes of Gulf Dimensions on Al Hiwar satellite channel, with the aim of defending the denationalized persons.


Members of the organisation used to hold private meetings in their houses. He attended the meeting dated 26/05/2011, held at his house in Southern Al Dhait region, with the attendance of Sultan Kayed Al Qasimi, Abdel Rahman Naqi, Saleh Al Dhafeer, Abdullah Ali Al Shal, Khaled Ali Al Shaiba, Salem Musa Al Helian, Saeed Naser Al Tanigi, Abdullah Somer, Abdel Wahed Hassan Al Badi, Ali bin Hagar, Adel Abdullah Mattar, Saeed bin Dabou’n, Ahmad Al Tabour Al Naeimi and Adel Muhammad Kulaib. That happened after the dissolving of the board for the Reform Society in Ras al-Khaimah. He said that they had to raise the alarm after the dissolution and what he meant by those trying to break their bones are the ones behind the dissolution decision, and they are more than one entity in UAE.


He also admitted attending a meeting held at the house of the father of Muhammad Jasim Darwish Al Naeimi in Al Loloeya region in Kurfakkan on 30/06/2011, attended by Khaled Ali Al Shaiba, Salem Musa Al Helian, Abdel Wahed Al Badi and Muhammad Al Gaber Al Naeimi. The reason behind the meeting was to discuss the call’s issues and its progress. He addressed the attendees of the meeting, saying that they will hold the first rank and second rank leadership in the organizarion, regarding the political activity Muhammad Jasim handled, in addition to that they are the only organization in UAE that did organized work.


He admitted that he attended the meeting at the house of Abdel Aziz Bareb in Dubai, with the attendance of Salem Musa Al helian, Ali Al Kendi, Muhammad Saqr Al Zua’abi, Khaled fadl, Khaled Al Shal and Abdel Wahed Al Badi. The reason for holding this meeting was to bring together the committees of justice and dignity. The justice and dignity committee was established after the detention of Ahmad Mansour and four other citizens, in addition to denationalizing seven others. He added that there is an electronic team, charged with achieving the committee’s goals by using social media and the internet applications. The team was headed by Salem Musa Al Helian. And when confronted by what Ahmad Rashed Al Tabour admitted in the investigations of the Public Prosecution of being charged with travelling to Egypt and Kuwait to convey oral messages, he said that this never happened, denying other assignments Al Tabour stated in the investigations.


He also admitted his attendance at the meeting held at the house of Fahd Al Hajiri, in Dubai on 01/04/2011, with the attendance of Khaled Fadl Al Suweidi, Khalil Othman Saqr, Ali Saeed Al Kendi, Muhammad Saqr Al Zua’abi and Salem Al Helian. In this meeting, he discussed his meeting with Robert Criss, the deputy US Consul in Dubai during his visit to Ras al-Khaimah. The latter asked him about the results of the pleading submitted to the president of the state and their demands as the reform call organization; he said that they should go back to the board.


And he admitted what Rashed Emran Al Shamsi said in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he sent him the document that was found with him, titled the “Initiative of National Reform Call”. He also confessed his participation in Gulf Dimensions on Al Hewar channel for AED 2000 paid by the organization for each episode by Khalil Saqr, considering that he is the presenter. He added that he took part in an interview for the program of 90 Minutes, broadcast on an Arab channel from London, in addition to other interviews. And when confronted that some of his speeches in the episodes Gulf Dimensions were defamation of the state and its government and an attempt to incite internal public opinion against them, he said that he depicted the reality and what he talked about was due to the violations of some officials of UAE laws and constitution.


He added that the program’s presenter and maker are from the organization’s members, saying that the organization’s framework was illegal and that they controlled the societies of reform and social guidance, spread all over the state, in Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah, in addition to the associations of teachers, lawyers and guidance in Ajman.


Communications were made with external international organizations through human rights organizations. And they, as belonging to the Gulf region, established a coordinative office for this region, comprising of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, charged with coordinating their affairs. He added that he wrote an article dated 21/10/2011 titled Failures should Quit, meaning some members of the security corps in UAE. It was published on the website of EMASC.

When confronted with what Salem Musa Al Helian said on 11/ 02/ 2011 at his house, “Al Mansouri’s”, in Ras al-Khaimah, raising the issues of “Opposition to Public Policy of the State”, saying: “For those who follow up the revolutions of millions, I wish you could answer all these questions that accelerate on my mind, and maybe also on the minds of many others that were perhaps whispered to each other. Please answer me in a persuasive manner, not a complimentary one”. And the questions were added. As well, he said that we realize that all the authoritative measures and flaws happened under the rule of Muhammad bin Rashid, so why do not they “spread clamor between them to make them fight each other?”. He said that these are the ideas of Salem Musa that he does not remember.


Mohamed al-Roken Interrogation

(Pages 98 – 103)


And when questioning the twenty third accused, Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad Al Ruken in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, he denied what was attributed to him, saying that he has vast relationships with members of the Reform Call as students and friends in the Reform Society in Dubai. Some of those are principals in the attorney office, and he is sometimes approached for consultancies in legal affairs regarding them, in view of the old relationship in the Reform society.


And he knows nothing about the structure. All he knows is that the society has a student work committee, lectures committee, charity committee, women committee and media committee.


And he knows from the book issued by the Reform Call that the society is affected by the Muslim Brotherhood’s views, in addition to other reforming thoughts. He added that as a member of human rights committee, the society has a committee for human rights. And he knows organizations like Karama (Dignity) and Huquq Al Insan (Human Rights). He made many interviews in the program of Gulf Dimensions regarding human rights in the GCC, in addition to criticizing Iranian policies towards Gulf security.


And when confronted with the report of electronic evidence from the laboratory, in respect with what was found on his laptop on a lecture titled Reasons for Change in the Arab World, he said that he wrote this lecture to be given by him in the Islamic Center, Sydney, Australia. And when confronted that the same document included “toppling political power of the police and security and restructuring the army’s role”; “the trinity of corruption, tyranny and submission”; “revolution that takes place when all reform doors are shut”; “years with the corruptive ruling family that is away from public concern – a ruler from you”; and “humiliation of the people’s dignity and internal degradation – security –changing regimes from outside”: he said that all these belong to circumstances in Tunisia and Egypt after the toppling of both  regimes where the president had ruled for three decades and corruption had spread in their families. As for the internal humiliation, he meant the two peoples in Tunisia and Egypt. As for the external degradation, he means changing the regime in Iraq.


And when confronted by the backup copy of an iPhone 4, on which a text message was sent to 19 people, including the question: “why was Dr. Tariq Al Suweidan        banned from entering the UAE?” he said that the phone is his, and he uses it to communicate with lots of his friends. He received the link from one of his friends, he does not remember who, and he sent on the link to let others view its content, because it is talking about the UAE and Dr. Tariq Al Suweidan, who is a renowned Kuwaiti Islamic scholar.


And when confronted with extractions from his phone, it was found that he sent a message through the instant messaging application, Whatsapp, to 9 people including the question “Emirati Citizen, where to?” attached with which was a link to a web address. He said that he does not remember the link and its content, saying that it is just a general interest and a type of communication between friends, without any special goals.


And when confronted about sending a message using the same application to 19 people, including a piece of news from the Associated Press, explaining that some international human rights organizations are asking the state to release the five people arrested since the beginning of April, he referred to the previous answer.


And when asked about the message he sent containing news about the private trial of Ahmad Mansour and others on 26/09/2011, which was sent throughWhatsapp to 3 people, as well as another messege sent to 11 people with the same application, including an article about five detainees and a plan of 9 items was prepared to support them, he said that he knows nothing about recipients of these messages and that he does not know the writer of the article in the second message. The aim behind all these messages was social communication.


And when confronted by the extractions of his phone, including a message sent by Whatsapp to 6 people that included an article by Khaled Al Ga’afri on the detention of five citizens, which stated: “those 5 did not commit a crime. Man in the UAE is not allowed to rise and the civilized man is absent”, he said that he does not know that person and that he received the message from one of his friends and forwarded it to inform the recipients about the article on the detainees.


And when also confronted with sending a message to 30 people, with the titleStatement of Dr. Naser bin Gheith for publication and a link to a website attached, he stated that it was a statement written Dr. Naser bin Gheith and published on the page of Khalifa Al Naeimi, and he sent it for others to review it.


And when confronted with the message found on the same phone, which included an article of the accused Khalifa Al Naeimi on the detainees of the UAE entitled We all expect more than that, but thanks, he said that it is an electronic link for an article by Khalifa Al Naeimi that was published on his page, and he sent it to others to review it.


And when confronted by the extractions of his phone through which he sent a piece of news to 4 people entitled Five innocents in the view of Law and the Constitution.. 180 days in detention, he decided that it was an article published on the page of Hamad Al Shamsi and he sent for review.


And when confronted by his sending of an SMS to 15 people, including news from the UAE section of Human Rights Watch that the Sorbonne and Sorbonne Abu Dhabi should condemn the trial and detention of Naser bin Gheith, he said that he sent it for review by others, as it was related to the UAE.


And when confronted with the copy of an introductory report on HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed for the American Ambassador in UAE, he said that he has no relationship with the document and that it is a translated report issued by the US embassy in UAE and was published by Wikileaks among thousands of secret reports and it is freely available on the internet.


And when confronted by the scan of an email message from Ahmad Abu Rashed entitled UAE: the state of police and security, ready for publication, he said that he does not know this person and did not forward such message.


And when confronted by the claims that he participated in a media plan to defame the UAE and its government both internally and externally, though talking part in the interviews on Al Hiwar Channel, he said that he participated on the programs on Al Hewar and other channels providing balanced political analysis based on information about many issues. And he never attempted or intended to defame his country or government.

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