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Four of the Libyans unlawfully detained in the UAE have been released

HomePress releasesFour of the Libyans unlawfully detained in the UAE have been releasedFour of the Libyans unlawfully detained in the UAE have been released

Four of the Libyans unlawfully detained in the UAE have been released



Four of the Libyan businessmen who were arrested by the Emirati state security forces were released today after being detained since August 2014. These four men are amongst the group of nearly 30 Libyans residing in the UAE who were arbitrarily arrested and detained by the security forces.

These four men have been identified as Bashir al-Shabah, Raf’at Hadaga, Al-Tahir Al-Qulfat, and Mohammad Al-Aradi. They were arbitrarily arrested and detained, as well as had their homes searched without any official search or arrest warrant. Neither the detainees nor their families were informed of the reason they were being arrested and now they have been released without any charges being directed at them.

 According to sources close to the detainees, they were subject to various forms of abuse, torture, and human rights violations. Such abuses include sleep deprivation for long periods of time, usually coinciding before interrogation sessions, and complete isolation from the outside world. Such information corroborates reports from other detainees who have experienced similar treatment in Emirati prison, all of which are considered to be gross human rights violations against Emirati citizens and legal residents and are classified as illegal actions in accordance with international human rights law.

The men were arrested as part of an arrest campaign carried out against nearly 30 Libyan businessmen residing in the UAE. They were all arbitrarily arrested and were forcibly disappeared despite the fact that no charges were made against them. Their families were given no information about their whereabouts or their fates and they were deprived from their right to have access to legal council.

The Emirates Centre for Human Rights condemns the UAE’s blatant humans rights violations and the unjust and arbitrary arrests and detention of hundreds in the UAE. It also condemns these acts, which violate Emirati and international law as well as human rights agreements.

The ECHR calls on the UAE authorities, which have signed the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, to:

1.    Immediately and unconditionally release the innocent PoC’s in Emirati prisons.

2.    Stop all arbitrary arrests and detention against innocent individuals.

3.    Put an end to the systematic torture, abuse and violations practiced against those detained in UAE prisons.

4.    Close all secret prisons.

5.    Investigate into the crimes and violations committed against those detained in the UAE and hold all those involved accountable.

The ECHR also urges the Special Rapporteur concerned with torture and forced disappearance to investigate these violations.

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