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UAE violating human rights in Libya, says rights group

A Human rights group in Libya has accused the UAE of committing grave human rights violations in the country, including killing hundreds of innocent civilians in air raids. 
At a recent conference on the sidelines of a Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, a Libyan witness presented evidence for extrajudicial killings, forced hunger and displacement taking place under the rule of General Haftar in Derna and Ganfouda provinces of eastern Libya.
Besides, at the UN meeting held recently, the head of a group of family survivors, Abdulghani Aljatlaw, alleged that in 2014 the UAE had carried out air strikes in Tripoli. President of Human Rights Solidarity, Giumma El-Omami, said that a UN commission set up by the Security Council found evidence that UAE and Egyptian air strikes had led to loss of life. 
In June this year, a UN report accused the UAE of violating the UN arms embargo by supplying military aircraft to General Haftar, whose army has been repeatedly accused of committing war crimes in recent years. 
These allegations came in the same week that Amnesty International revealed the UAE had been violating the UN arms embargo on South Sudan. 
As international attention focuses on Emirati war crimes abroad, it is important to remember that within their own borders, the UAE authorities are serial violators of international human rights legislation, the Libyan rights group said.
In recent years, Amnesty International has documented dozens of cases of forced disappearances and torture in the UAE.


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