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UAE announces launch of Israeli-installed mass surveillance system

31-07-2016 The United Arab Emirates is recruiting an international team of computer experts to develop a far-reaching surveillance state covering Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the Middle East Eye (MEE) reported.

The new Falcon Eye surveillance system—sold to the UAE by an Israeli defense contractor—“links thousands of cameras spread across the city, as well as thousands of other cameras installed at facilities and buildings in the emirate,” the Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Center said in an official statement.

The Falcon Eye will “help control roads by monitoring traffic violations while also monitoring significant behaviors in (Abu Dhabi) such as public hygiene and human assemblies in non-dedicated areas.”It also enables tracking, and can collect huge caches of data on an individual’s movements and activities.

   A spokesperson for human rights group said that the UAE’s surveillance plans are “absolutely frightening”.

While authorities revealed the system's launch, they did not disclose that Falcon Eye is manufactured by the former Israeli intelligence agent Mati Kochavi, which is indicative of the strengthening, if discrete, ties between the two countries.Officially, the two countries have no diplomatic relationship, but reports have indicated that UAE has had secret relations with Israel .


The threat posed by surveillance system used by the UAE government can be measured by its reach and use of technologies that pose a much greater threat to the privacy rights of citizens.
In fact, the surveillance and security state is one that not only listens, watches and gathers massive amounts of information, but also acculturates the public into accepting the intrusion of surveillance technologies and privatized commodified values into all aspects of their lives.

In UAE,every space is now enclosed within the purview of an authoritarian society that attempts to govern the entirety of social life. Privacy is no longer a principled civil right in UAE .


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