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HomeNewsThe mother of Emirati detainee Alia Abdel Nour in a video message: “My daughter is being killed.”The mother of Emirati detainee Alia Abdel Nour in a video message: “My daughter is being killed.”

The mother of Emirati detainee Alia Abdel Nour in a video message: “My daughter is being killed.”

The mother of the Emirati detainee, Alia Abdel Nour, said that her daughter's health is continuously deteriorating, putting her life in danger. Alia has cancer and the UAE authorities are adamant in their refusal to release Alia or provide her with any medical care appropriate for her health status.

In a video message sent by Alia's mother to the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK, she confirmed that UAE authorities are still refusing to release her daughter, without providing any reasons. The mother said: “We have filed more than five requests to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, asking for the release of my daughter who is facing death in every second and every minute because of the cancer in her body. Every time, the request is rejected, and when we ask about the reasons for rejection, we don’t receive any response.”

The mother asserted: “The inhumane conditions of detention imposed on my daughter are contributing significantly to the deterioration of her health. Alia is being held in a hospital room but it is like a prison. The room is small, with no sunlight or ventilation, and Alia cannot leave the room at all except to use the bathroom. There is also security outside and inside her room, and she constantly has her hands and feet tied up, with no consideration to the condition of her health or needs, without any humanity or mercy. She is even forced to go to the toilet with her hands and feet tied up, and from the extent of her tiredness, she often falls unconscious in the bathroom and is only discovered a while later when the guard in charge of her custody senses the delay and goes to inspect her, to find her lying unconscious on the bathroom floor.”

The mother confirmed that Alia’s health is in constant deterioration after cancer spread to all parts of her body and has become uncontrollable, describing the spread of tumours in Alia’s body as: “Like a piece of plastic that had a corrosive substance poured over it.” She added: “Cancer is taking over every part of my daughter’s body, and the tumours have reached the skin and glands. Also, her vision has become weak and she has lost the ability to stand on her feet naturally.”

Alia’s mother added that the family too suffer from ill-treatment and humiliation by the security forces: “Every time we visit Alia, we are subjected to severe insults and abuse. The visits are exhausting for us as my daughter's place of detention in Abu Dhabi is about 500 km away, back and forth, from where we live, which is difficult for myself and Alia’s father as we are both old. Alia’s father has also lost his sight from how much he has cried over her.”

Alia’s mother asked about the reasons why her daughter is facing what she is facing now, asserting that what Alia is facing now is considered ‘deliberate killing’, saying: “What is the crime that my daughter committed against anyone? What harm has my daughter done to the country to deserve being dealt with this way? Why was my daughter arrested and thrown in prison, and the elders are being released but the young are being left to die in prison? Especially as she is deprived of all her rights, and deprived of even any form of treatment… She is being killed deliberately.”


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